Touch Office Web features


TouchPoint Features


For The Individual Business

Multi-Site With Head Office Level
Supports single tills at a single site, to multiple tills at multiple sites controlled by a centralised head office. Expand as you grow.


The language of the button text, identifiers and labels used within the interface can be changed to suit different users.

Custom Trading Times

Trading times for each site can be configured so the dashboard and reports reflect the daily start and end times that a business is operating.

Tailored Locales

For global businesses, TouchOffice Web reflects the appropriate locales and currencies.

Daily Operational Control

All programming can be performed live, or set on a schedule to take place in the future such as the start of the month.

Product Set Up

Add and remove products, with complete control over the configuration. From product name and price to whether it prompts for age verification, or whether it contains allergens.

Price Changes

Change prices remotely at one site or across all sites. For instant promotions, or schedule for the next month’s pricing.

Clone Product

Add a duplicate product with the exact same configuration with the Clone Product feature, so similar products can be added quickly and easily.


Create and edit promotions remotely, such as Mix and Match offers and Set Menus.

Keyboard Changes

Make remote changes to your TouchPoint keyboard layouts. Add new products to the screen, and move or remove products that have already been created.

Operator Configuration

Set-up new staff and edit which features each operator can use.

Business Insights

Real-time and historical data analysis helps you make informed decisions.

Real-Time Dashboard

All TouchPoint till operations are processed in real-time, giving you instant feedback on performance for the day.

Historical Reporting

Analyse trends with over 100 reports that inform you about every aspect of your business, review at Site, Site Group, or Head Office level.

Product Sales Trends

See the best selling products, to help you manage stock levels and products lines.

Custom Tags

Custom tags can be added to each product, this means you can group products together and filter reports to suit your needs.

Staff Time & Attendance

Report on Time and Attendance to help with payroll, accurately records clock in and out times. Easily adjust for those that have forgotten to clock out at the end of the shift.

Staff Performance

See who is performing well, and keep any eye on which buttons are being pushed to catch training issues as they happen.

Customer Analysis

Analyse loyalty customer spending habits and check your outstanding liability for deffered discounts.

Review Profit Margins

The system automatically calculates your average cost prices, and compares to your selling price to show you your profit margins.

User Audit Trail

Monitor Staff Operations
Keep an eye on tell tale signs of internal theft, such as excessive use of refunds, item corrections, and cancelled sales.

Sale Details

Each sale is uploaded along with a digital copy of the receipt so that you can see exactly which items have been sold and at what price.

Full Journal Audit Trail

Investigate potential issues remotely using the full audit trail from each TouchPoint till, without tipping off staff.

Integrated CCTV

Compatible CCTV systems allow the audit trail to be overlaid on the CCTV image so that you can monitor who is performing each operation.

Stock Management

Create Supplier Orders
Create supplier stock orders with a choice of using cases or individual units, streamlining the order process.

Book In Deliveries

When a delivery of stock arrives from a supplier, the original order can be ‘booked in’ to update stock levels. If an order wasn’t created, on-the-fly deliveries can be created too.

Stock Takes And Adjustments

Use a product stock list during a stock take to update stock levels, or use the ins and outs feature to make a stock adjustment on a per product basis.

Stock Variance

Once a stock take or adjustment has been performed, use the Stock Variance feature to see which product lines had missing or unaccounted for stock.

Wastages And Returns

Wasted and returned items can be recorded to remove stock without affecting sales totals. A wastage reason is also recorded as a reference to what happened to the stock.


If you use a warehouse or shared stock pool, stock can be transferred from one branch to another.


Recipes allow the right amount of stock to be taken from parent products when selling an item that is made up from several components, such as cocktails.

Add More…

Upgrade to TouchOffice Web+ and get more features.

Integration – Labour Management

Integrates with labour management software so you can analyse peak trading times and staff rotas. (Talk to your ICRTouch Partner for more information.)

Integration – Accounts Packages

Sale totals and money tendered are automatically sent to Accounts Packages.

TouchStock – Handheld

Handheld scanner that quickly and easily can perform stock takes, create orders and book in deliveries, manage wastages or use instore to lookup product prices and stock availability.

Discount Vouchers

Create discount vouchers for one off or multi-use promotions. Control the promotion event with custom start and expiry dates.